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We are now seeing patients in the clinic or by teletherapy

Welcome to Our Practice

As we move back to the clinical setting, we can continue to support our patients, and see new patients, while minimizing social contact. All clinical and administrative employees of Advance Physical Therapy have been fully vaccinated and have received a booster shot. We require secure masks at all times, of all persons, while in the clinic with the exception of children unable to safely mask. As a Certified Postural Restoration® Center, we are uniquely positioned to use teletherapy. Via teletherapy, we can monitor and progress existing patient programs, as well as perform new patient evaluation and treatment planning including a program that you do at home. We re-test and modify your home program, typically at weekly follow ups. Most payors are now covering teletherapy. For the latest information on insurance coverage and setting up PT teletherapy, call us at (919) 932-7266, or send us an email to book your appointment.

Telehealth Testimonial

Here is a recent patient testimonial on their experience with teletherapy: “Being able to continue my physical therapy appointments with Molly during the COVID 19 crisis has been unconditionally wonderful and fruitful. Molly is as skilled on Zoom as she is in the office. Her sense of humor and warmth are not affected by the physical distance between us.

In fact, teletherapy offers an optimal environment because neither of us wears a mask and Molly is a good guide for using the technology. I appreciate her consistent optimism about my ability to progress as she modifies the exercises I practice. Molly’s reaching out to a colleague for consultation exemplifies her professionalism and resourcefulness.”

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